Turbo Carver 2 Kit #2 with water spray

Turbo CarverSKU: TC2WS

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Turbo carver™ is the smallest UHS tool we sell. The USA-made, 400,000RPM Turbocarver™ is an ideal entry-level/hobby grade tool that is small, lube-free, dependable, comfortable and economical. Should servicing be required, it will be necessary to send the unit back to the US manufacturer. Available with or without water spray option.

Turbo Carver Kit #2. Water-spray kit. Includes everything in Kit#1 (air foot control, carbide & diamond bur, 5 micron air filter, pressure gauge, stencil, brush, face mask, and 26 minute instructional video); instead of the standard handpiece, includes a water-spray (WS) handpiece* and reservoir. The WS handpiece sprays a fine water mist on the work surface, eliminating dust and cooling the bit. Can be used with or without mist. Great for working with hard materials like eggshell and antler. *Note: the water spray option is best purchased with a new handpiece (as opposed to adding it later). To add it later the handpiece must be sent to the USA. Conversion cost would be approx. $135.00US plus shipping + 4 weeks.

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