Carving wood

 We supply wood for carving in the following species.

Basswood (Tilia americana) - Canada

Very popular for general carving as well as for bird, fish and animal carving because of cost and carvability. Easily carved with sharp edge tools, it can be easily worked with power tools, too. All of our Northern Basswood is top quality kiln-dried.

Tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) - USA

Tupelo is the wood of choice for many competitive carvers, including many world champions. While Tupelo can be worked with hand tools, it is more often worked with power tools. It is light weight, sands very smooth, and takes very fine detail well.

Butternut (Juglans cinerea) - Canada

A very beautiful wood, easily carved by hand or power tool. Butternut is a member of the Walnut family. It has gorgeous grain, making it very popular for natural finish carvings. Butternut is now listed as endangered and is at high risk of extinction in Canada due to the impact and potential impact of a fungus disease that infects and kills Butternut trees. We sometimes have a small quantity of Butternut available when a tree needs to be removed under permit.

Please phone or email for more information about what we have available.