5/32" Brass Square Tube 12" length

Sale price$5.85


5/32" square brass tube .014" wall thickness. 12" length.

Brass rod, tubing and sheet is unmatched for making structural components on your carvings. It is great for bird feet, branches, leaves and structural support. All brass tubing and rod telescopes, allowing you to increase diameter by inserting rod or tube into the larger size (for example, a 1/16" rod or tube will fit into a 3/32" tube, which will fit in to a 1/8" tube and so forth). Square tubing works the same way and is used by many carvers for structural support because it's square profile prevents mounted items from rotating in the tube. Brass sheet is ideal for making leaves and loose bark and for webbing in duck feet. All of the brass solders easily and can be carved or ground using carbide cutters or small cut-off wheels.

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