Aves Power Pack


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A perfect way to try Aves products.

1/4 lb of Apoxie® Sculpt, natural. This 2-part product has a putty-like, smooth consistency, and is easy to mix and use. It is safe and waterproof with 0% shrinkage/cracking! Semi-gloss finish. Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, tapped, drilled, carved, lathed, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or flaking! Great for creating 3-D graphics and outdoor projects!

1/4 lb Apoxie® Clay, native. The ultimate permanent, self-hardening, synthetic clay that combines the features and benefits of sculpting clay with those of epoxies. This product offers enhanced detail properties, plasticity, accuracy and handling features make this clay very user friendly. Apoxie® Clay offers superior modeling, impressions and detail finishing, with a flat clay-like texture.

1/4 lb FIXIT® Sculpt. Repair and Sculpt on a new, exciting level! This product offers exceptional sculpting and repairing qualities. Its firm clay-like feel that resists sagging and drooping; holds detail and impressions. Generous 4 hour working time. Flat matte finish.

1 fl.oz. of our Apoxie® Paste. This all Purpose adhesive with a semi-fluid/cake batter consistency that is thick and tends to stay put. (a stirable/brushable/trowelable version of Apoxie® Sculpt!)

1 fl.oz. of Aves® Safety Solvent: Smoothing, tooling, texturing and cleaning all Fixit® and Aves® 2 part products, and many other sticky substances...tons of additional handy uses.

All Apoxie® and Fixit® products featured in this pack are: waterproof, with 0% shrinkage/cracking! Working times differ from product to product but are between 2-4 hours of working time. All products set rock hard in 24 hrs. Sets up under water. Takes heat from 300 - 500 degrees F. Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, and sanded, tapped, drilled, lathed, carved, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or flaking! Simple water clean-up or use Aves® Safety Solvent.

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