Ceramic Polishing Wheel, Assortment, (10 per pkt)

ForedomSKU: FORCW55010

Sale price$14.30


Ceramic Polishing Wheel assortment, 7/8" x 1/8" thick with 1/16" center holes, uses ceramic grit in a rubber-bonded abrasive. The assortment includes 2 each of fine (500 grit), medium (320 grit), medium coarse (180 grit) and coarse (120 grit) for metal reduction and de-burring and 1 each of super fine (1500 grit) and extra fine (1000 grit) Helpful for sharpening small edge tools as well. Avaiable in packages of 10 and individually in packages of 10.

Fits M1 (3/32") or M6 (1/8") mandrels. Maximum speed 25,000RPM.

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