Dura-GRIT 1/2" Hollow-tip cylinder screwtip bur 80 grit


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DuraGRIT tungsten-carbide 1/2" dia. hollow-tip cylinder screwtip bur. 80 (coarse) grit, 1/8" shank. For fast general shaping, carving and drilling on almost any material, performs the same sanding/smoothing function as 1/2" sanding band but does not need fitting on a rubber arbor. Additionally, it has grit on the edge opening and will double as a hole saw.

Very long life. Screwtip head is screwed to the 1/8" shank and can be removed. Screwtip burs are best used in the "forward" direction. If you want to use "reverse", we recommend locking the threads with a drop of thin CA glue.

Tough cutters for tough jobs. Very aggressive yet leave quite a smooth finish. We rate them between a Ruby Carver and a Typhoon bur. They are very controllable and they last and last. Grit will not tear loose and the edges stay sharp. Most Dura-GRIT cutters are available in your choice of several grits.

Cleaning: 120-240 grit Dura-GRIT cutters are best cleaned with a crepe cleaning block, while 80 grit and coarser cutters can be cleaned with a brass brush.

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