Dura-GRIT 1" Cutting wheel 120 grit


Sale price$30.00


DuraGRIT tungsten-carbide 1" diameter cutting wheel, 120 grit (fine), 1/8" shank. For general shaping, cutting and smoothing of most materials including wood, fiberglass, laminates, plastic, carbon fiber, kevlar, leather, rubber, styrofoam and hard glue.

Tough cutters for tough jobs. Very aggressive yet leave quite a smooth finish. We rate them between a Ruby Carver and a Typhoon bur. They are very controllable and they last and last. Grit will not tear loose and the edges stay sharp. Most Dura-GRIT cutters are available in your choice of several grits.

Cleaning: 120-240 grit Dura-GRIT cutters are best cleaned with a crepe cleaning block, while 80 grit and coarser cutters can be cleaned with a brass brush.

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