Foredom Chisel Handpiece Only

ForedomSKU: FORH50

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Foredom chisel handpiece only (no chisels). Turns your Foredom into a power chisel carver. Uses Foredom stainless steel cutters or flexcut cutters. Foredom's Chisel Handpiece is designed to give a power assist to carving projects in all types of wood, plastic, plaster and soft carving stone. The No. 50 is a reciprocating 'hammer' type handpiece that requires a light pressure to engage the hammering chisel action. It attaches in the same manner to any Foredom or other flex shaft with a standard key tip shaft.

The Chisel Handpiece is recommended for use with the 1/3 HP Series TX or 1/6 HP Series SR motors in forward rotation only. It reaches optimum performance when used between 3,000 - 10,000 rpm, maximum operating speed 18,000. Use of a bench top dial speed control, in place of a foot pedal is recommended, to run steady within the recommended speed range.

This is a very comfortable and useful tool! 22 individual chisels and 5 chisel sets are available.

Chisel Handpiece must be used only in the forward motor direction.

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