Foredom Peg Arm


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The Foredom Peg Arm, a component of the Work Bench System, has 5 angled, 1-1/2" long stainless steel pegs on each side of arm and non-scratch felt along upper edge. The arm has a mounting bracket for attaching to the MAMH-13 Double Motor Hanger, described below. It can also be installed on two other component support rods that are great for users who already own a motor hanger, work with micromotors and other non-flex shaft tools, or just want and need a method to get organized.

Pegs are 1-1/2″ long x 5/16″ in diameter to securely hold grinding wheels, Scotch-Brite Radial Bristle Discs and other rotary accessories with arbor holes that are at least 3/8". You can also mount Foredom handpieces on the pegs or hang saw frames, pliers and other tools. The non-scratch felt top edge is ideal for storing assorted pliers, tweezers and other hand tools.

The Peg Arm swings 180° horizontally to keep accessories within reach, or stored out of the way when not needed:
5 Pegs on each side of arm are 1-1/2″ long x 5/16″ in diameter (3.7cm x 0.8cm).
Arm: 12″ long x 4″ wide x 1-1/2″ high (30cm x 10.2cm x 3.7cm).

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