Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush Workshop

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Harder & Steenbeck "Airbrush Workshop". This 90 minute DVD presentation of airbrush principles introduces the viewer to different airbrush and compressor systems, explaining their varying functions and areas of application. The complete selection and use of the accessory range is also presented, from the quick-action coupling to the fpc valve.

Initial hurdles confronting beginners are explained in a practical manner (e.g. connection of airbrush instruments to a compressor and cleaning of airbrush instruments). After the first handling exercises, two step-by-step guides illustrate working with lose templates and masking film techniques in real time.

The DVD also provides solutions to frequent errors and problems such as sloppy spraying characteristics, bubbling in the paint cup or lever jamming. In addition, it provides an overview of the Harder & Steenbeck range and offers insight into the manufacture of airbrushes.

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