Harder & Steenbeck Seal Kit, Evolution and Infinity

Harder & SteenbeckSKU: HS123910

Sale price$17.95


Sealing kit for the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity and Evolution Airbrushes.

Contains the following;
2 x PTFE Front Nozzle O Rings (123180)
2 x Front Air Cap O Rings (123190)
1 x PTFE Needle O Ring (123450)
3 x Waist Band Centre Body Rubbers (123050)
1 x PTFE Gravity Cup O Ring (123340)
1 x Air Valve Body O Ring (123340)
1 x PTFE Upper Air Valve Seal (123220V)
1 x Valve Stem O Ring (123220)
1 x Quick Connect Seal - Plug In Nipple (123290)

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