Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH 1/16oz. cup

IwataSKU: IW-H2100

Sale price$389.00


Essentially the same as the HP-B Plus, with the addition of Iwata's exclusive Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve. The MAC enables infinite control of airflow at the head of the airbrush. With one quick turn you can spray anything between a coarse stippling effect to a fine spray pattern. The MAC valve also gives you more control over very fine work. 1/16oz. colour cup.

Iwata airbrushes are considered by many to be the finest airbrushes available today, Iwata airbrushes have set a new standard in precision and reliability. We stock five different Iwata models. We would also be pleased to provide a quote on any Iwata brush not listed here. Every Iwata airbrush we stock (except the SAR) has a dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy clean-up and precise paint flow control. They all use teflon needle packing, permitting use of automotive and other solvent-based paints if desired. Those with gravity-feedcolour cups ensure easy cleanup and superb paint flow. They also incorporate a single-piece auxiliary lever/needle-chucking guide for easy assembly.

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