KingArt Original Gold Max #8 Round

-SKU: 9020S8

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Premium High-quality, golden taklon brush. KINGART creates brushes using the finest synthetic fibers that are remarkably durable, easy to care for and versatile. They work equally well with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint. Each brush is expertly crafted to give the characteristics of natural hair, including exceptional paint-holding capacity.

Unlike natural hair brushes, synthetics are easier to clean, less prone to damage from solvents and caustic acrylics. They are exceptionally durable on a variety of surfaces from canvas to wood. These features increase the longevity of a KINGART brush.

Each KINGART brush holds its shape well and consists of filaments that are dyed and baked to increase softness and absorption. KINGART prides itself on the versatility, durability, and ease of use of its premium synthetic brushes. KINGART considers every detail of the essence of a premium brush.

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