Metal Master Polishing Kit 3/32" - 8 Piece

ForedomSKU: FORAK713

Sale price$19.95


The kit contains 3 rods and 3 wheels in each of the following grits 120 (brown), 180 (black), 220 (green) and includes 1 wheel mandrel and 1 rod mandrel, 3/32" shanks.

Wheels are 7/8" x 1/8" thick (22mm x 3.2mm), Rods are 7/8" x 1/4" (22mm x 6.4mm). 10,000 RPM Maximum Speed.

Metal Master Polishing wheels and rods use a rubber-bonded abrasive. 120 grit and 180 grit is for grinding and cleaning metal; 220 grit is for polishing most metals. Metal Master wheels and rods outlast earlier types of bonded abrasive by up to 6 times. Longer life means less cost and less dust. They are great for cleaning brass and copper prior to soldering, for thinning leaf edges, and for cleaning up brass bird feet.

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