Olson Bandsaw blade 93.5" Long

OlsonSKU: BLADE316-935

Sale price$27.05


93 1/2" long, 3/16" width, .025 gauge, 4 teeth per inch, skip tooth.

A bandsaw is one of the least understood machines that a carver uses. Having the right blade can make a huge difference in the ease of cutting out your blank. The Olson blades we sell are 3/16" deep, 4 teeth per inch (TPI), skip tooth. These are excellent general purpose blades for woodworking, DIY, and professional craftsmen. They are very sharp, smooth cutting (for a 4TPI blade), and long-lasting.

The Skip Tooth has wide gullets with 0° face angle and equally spaced teeth. An excellent chip carry capacity to prevent clogging. Excellent tooth form for cutting thicker wood, plastic and composite materials. Tooth Hardness: 62–63Rc. Back Hardness: 28–32Rc for maximum flexibility. Minimum material thickness is 3/4" and for contour sawing the minimum radius is 5/16".

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