P88 Base Unit

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Note: You require a pen to use the P88 base unit.

Supplied with a power cord (North America 120V) and an exra-flex pen cord (#cord1P). You just need to add pens.

The Razertip® P88 is a power-regulated touch-screen pyrography control unit with unprecedented user control. It is compatible with any Razertip R-Touch System expansion modules, allowing you to expand it to a double or triple-function unit. The P88 can be used anywhere in the world simply by attaching a suitable power supply cord or plug adapter. If your input voltage changes - even if it is a big change due to a brown-out or spike - your tip temperature will remain constant.

Customizable… Same innovative performance as P80 but with new convenient features. You can program and store up to 8 presets on the Razertip P88, each with unique descriptions and heat settings in the one touch preset memory channels. Also, the P88 has a built-in automatic memory function that allows you to recall the 3 most recently-input heat settings.

The P88 incorporates a fully regulated, stabilized power supply (100-240VAC; 50 or 60Hz) and a digital touch-screen interface. Plug it in anywhere world-wide, input your desired heat setting and you are burning away in just a few seconds. With 700 heat settings the P88 can be set low enough to work with jeweller's wax (approx. 80º C) to red-hot (800º C). Voltage fluctuations do not phase the P88 at all - the tip temperature at your chosen heat setting stays rock-steady regardless of what is happening with the power available. The P88 offers better-than-ever tip heat recovery, and is compatible with all existing Razertip pens and accessories. Experience the customization and consistency of the Razertip P88 and elevate your pyrography to match your imagination!

The P88 is a single burner - but with a huge difference. Want a dual or triple burner? Quickly and easily add up to two Razertip R-Touch System expansion modules (no tools required) for a versatile system that gives each pen its own heat setting and memory function. Toggle between pens by touching the screen you wish to use.

Each P88 includes an extra-flex pen cord (#CORD1P) which works beautifully with any Razertip pen or tip. The P88's unique power output means that heavy-duty cords are no longer needed to make a difference when burning with heavier tips.

As with everything we make - the P80 is proudly made in Canada - right here at our facility - it is covered by our exclusive 3-year unconditional warranty, and it is safety-certified virtually world-wide. By simply changing the power cord*, or using a suitable plug adapter, you can use your P88 anywhere.

* safety-approved IEC C8 power cord for the country where the unit is being used.

  • fully regulated, stabilized power supply and a digital touch-screen interface.
  • Heat Input Range: digitally input via 3.5” touch-screen, settings “100” to “800” **
  • Temperature range: 180°F (80°C) to 1400°F (800°C) approx.
  • Built-in memory function, recall the 3 most recently-input keyed in heat settings
  • Add two Razertip R-Touch System expansion modules
  • indexed handpiece indicator light can help confirm proper pen and cord operation
  • compatible with all existing Razertip pens and accessories.
  • 3 year unconditional warranty covers everything (and we mean everything!)

** Heat settings based on calculated tip temperature ºC using a standard #1L tip. Actual tip temperature will depend on the tip used (heavier tips will run a bit cooler while smaller, lighter tips will run hotter)

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