Razertip Brass Brush


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Used for cleaning Saburrtooth™, Typhoon™ and Dura-GRIT™ Burs, as well as non-knife edged Razertip tips including scale tips, Feather Formers™, ball tips. Dense brass bristles remove debris quickly and easily.


Cleaning Typhoon™ and Saburrtooth™ Burs Use a dense brass brush) or a fine, sharp knife blade to remove debris from between the rows of teeth. Typhoon™ and Saburrtooth™ teeth are in rows, making them easier to clean and less likely to load up. Coarse burs stay clean longer and are easier to clean. For difficult wood or sap build-ups, try soaking the bur for a few hours in oven cleaner and then rinsing in water, followed by brushing with the brass brush. Gummed up fillers or glue can sometimes be softened first by slightly heating the bur with a lighter before brushing (do not use a torch).


Note: To avoid damage to burs never use a file card or steel brush to clean Typhoon™ or Saburrtooth™ burs.

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