Typhoon Bur, Long Ball-Nose 3/16" Coarse, 1/8" Shank

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Typhoon bur, long ball-nose 3/16" coarse, 1/8" Shank. Ideal for use on hard and soft wood, acrylic and fiberglass. Typhoon's unique structurally aligned tungsten carbide points leave a smoother finish than other types of tungsten carbide burs. They last longer and don't load up as quickly.

Coarse (red) Typhoon burs are great for roughing out and rapid stock removal. They leave deeper grooves than the Fine (blue) burs, but our sanding cones and cushion sanders make short work of them anyway. Fine burs give a bit more control, but do not cut as fast. Use Coarse for roughing, especially in Basswood or Butternut, and Fine for detailed work and for working with Tupelo.

To clean Typhoon™ Burs use a dense brass brush #HB58 or a fine, sharp knife blade to remove debris from between the rows of teeth. Typhoon™ burs teeth are in rows, making them easier to clean and less likely to load up. Coarse (red) burs stay clean longer and are easier to clean.

Maximum speeds: 1/4" shanks 25,000RPM; 1/8" and 3/32" shanks 35,000RPM.

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